A new level of care for patients with Medicare!

We prioritize proactive and preventive healthcare to address potential health issues before escalation. We are ensuring improved accessibility to our providers, promoting better communication and timely medical attention. With a commitment to high-quality services, the focus is on enhancing overall patient experience and outcomes. We emphasize preventive care measures, including health education and early screenings, to identify potential health risks. Our approach involves comprehensive strategies for those with chronic conditions and ongoing care to enhance the quality of life for such patients significantly.

We Accept All Medicare Advantage Plans

Enhanced Services for eligible patients in our Value-Partner Plans*

Transportation to Medical Appointments
Guaranteed Same Day Appointment
Chronic Disease Management
Wellness Center
24/7 access to physician
In-Home Medication

*Our Value-Partner Plans

*These enhanced services are only provided to the listed Medicare Advantage Plans. We participate in other Medicare Advantage Plans.

Patients Testimonials

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Valora’s Patient
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Valora’s Patient
Valora Medical Group treats me beautifully; when I arrive there, they quickly meet my needs. They give excellent service. The way they act and treat me, I know they do the same for everyone.
Victoria Miranda
Valora’s Patient
I've been coming here for over a year now. I am very excited and happy to have Valora Medical Group as my primary care, and I feel like I'm part of the family here, so when I show up, I get smiles and greetings that make me happy.
Douglas Kessler
Valora’s Patient

Wellness Centers

For your mental and physical well-being

Health & Wellness

Health Education Classes:

Topics include diabetes, COPD, fall prevention, healthy cooking, and more.

Health Literacy Classes:

Topics include RX Management, improving your office visit, and more.

Fitness Training:

Zumba, Seated Fitness, Yoga, Tai-Chi, and more.

Resources & Counseling

One-on-One Nutrition Counseling:

Assistance with eating healthy, counting carbs, low-sodium cooking, along with other areas.

Social Services:

Assistance with Medicaid, housing, meal services, and more.

Social Activities

• Social Events
• Fun Games
• Arts & Crafts
• Social Clubs

Calendar Activities

Upcoming Events


Winter Park
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